Since there is a strictly finite number of them left in the world. Also, having other original extras – like the original box, any spare bits, and period correct radio gear etc, also helps. $25.99. But if your country has a competing online classifieds site that is popular, try that too. The ‘Milka Edition’: I’ve since collected enough parts /radio gear to build at least 7 full buggies .. For some collectors and fans of Tamiya who prefer the original versions, the remakes came as something of a bitter pill at first. From Japan. RC VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE RALLY. Look at real vehicles. Describe the condition honestly. If you see my original content on social media without a courtesy credit mentioning where it came from - that's content theft! £149.00 MRP £165.00 Must be ordered - delivery as soon as possible. So the re-issues offer me the chance to experience these cars now that I’m nearly 40. Here’s a good photo of someone’s original Hotshot (left) and remake Hotshot (right) that I’ve pinched from the interwebs…. Personally I think that you should have got an original decal set, because they are around and are not that expensive. Is it possible to buy the old sort? Well, as a couple of years went by, and our interest moved from RC cars to something else (for me it was surfing), the cars took up residence in our basements. It’s just trivia really – some people prefer one box or the other. Remake kits have been popular for Tamiya. If they managed to create a few new cars that felt like “lost” 1980s designs, I would buy them in a heartbeat. The stunning Milka-look was issued by Lila colored spray-paint and very special, ultra thin white decals. The Tamiya FF01 uses a tub chassis with transverse battery mount, identical to the TA02 chassis with which it shares a number of parts. And so on. 1980s Tamiya kits never included electronic speed controllers. More recently, I have been considering the possibility that the Tamiya reissues have had an unforeseen effect that I did not cover in this article, that being: the reissued kits have simply reminded a lot of people about the Tamiya R/C cars they used to have in the 80s. As you say though, some people may enjoy having both – for side-by-side displays, and for the sake of having “complete” collections (fyi there are some huge collectors out there who literally buy EVERY SINGLE Tamiya kit ever released!). Some, like the bigwig are still factory sealed in the box. Oh i see yes i noticed the abs written on it. As mentioned these 10 existing Milka Edition Tamiya Volkswagen New Beetles could be won as a price in an open contest and were NOT available through any shop or store. Hi Joe. Re-re Buggy Champ, Fighting Buggy, Wild One. To phrase it another way: I could have saved money, had I started collecting my original Tamiyas a little later. Let’s take the example of a really popular model like the Tamiya Frog. This R/C model assembly kit recreates the classic Volkswagen Beetle in rally racing form. I just got the reissued grasshopper, partly nostalgic given that I would have loved to build an RC when I was a kid (though I wasn’t immersed enough in the RC world back then to know what the brands and models were, and I was still pretty young in the mid 80s), but mainly because I wanted to build an RC kit now. It taught Me how to build, how cars and electric motors work and left me with great memories! And it’s more a case of the fact you can say your car is “all original” if you ever decide to sell it, that makes it worth finding an original issue part if you can. However, once the uniqueness of original items becomes more apparent, demand for them inevitably climbs back up. To collectors, there’s value in simply knowing when something was made. So if you’re just beginning your search on eBay or Google for a vintage Tamiya R/C car from the 1970s or 1980s, this article is intended to be a one-page cheat sheet to help you understand how the remake kits differ. It’s a fun challenge. Thats what i thought. One exception to this rule is the remake of the Sand Scorcher and the Rough Rider (which Tamiya called The Buggy Champ), which do have blister packs. These hubs provide 1 degree of toe-in and are reversible to create toe-out to combat the inherent on-power understeer of the FWD setup and its light rear end. All content © R/C Toy Memories and it's author, 2012 - 2020, unless otherwise credited. So no offense, but this article seems like it’s more about you complaining that the value of your models has decreased and not about us being able to relive our childhood experiences. Since originally writing this article, some other brands have also joined the remake bandwagon, looking to turn their own profit from the interest in vintage models. This perfect scale replica of the famous off-road Mercedes Unimog 4WD truck is one of the nicest looking ready-to-run R/C models produced in the 80s. This is hugely important to me and collectors i associate with. Local garage sales, yard sales, flee markets, thrift stores. To use an analogy from another type of collecting – book collectors will regularly pay tens of thousands of dollars more simply to own first edition books, when they differ from second editions by only a few printed words. Cheers for the comment (and compliments) Ian! As a child from a lower middle class home all my father could afford was the Grasshopper which was Tamiya’s remedy for people who wanted to experience the joy of building, rebuilding and running these things literally until the wheels fell off. Having all original parts (not reissue parts) makes them more valuable. Well, just look a little closer at some other things, like…. About the Tamiya Volkswagen New Beetle FF01: The Tamiya Volkswagen New Beetle was the last model build on the FF01 Chassis. With that said, I think the quality of Tamiya and Kyosho remain extremely high, and these companies in particular, deserve support. Then while on holiday in Japan i bought 3 Wild Willy 2s all made in the Phillipines ,did they rerelease the kit at some stage? I’m sure there are probably a few speculators out there. I don’t remember ever losing to a Frog. Although I did enjoy their now-defunct line of Tamtech-Gear buggies. Brand New. If it was not for the re-re’s I would not have started collecting as I used the re-re parts to restore my old buggies. Because I wanted to use the Grasshopper for one of my Youtube videos, I decided to restore it. Car & Truck Kits, Tamiya RC Models Tamiya Blitzer Beetle 2011 Kit – 58502 Tamiya used the FF01 chassis for several models between 1993 and 1999. Some people seem to get defensive about the notion of “investment” – I am personally not an investor. My dad bought me a Hornet in ’84 from Hobbyco in George St in Sydney. But for the most part they are smaller trivia for collectors. However, it is impossible to discuss collecting, collectability and our ability to collect without also speculating a little about current and future rarity and value. I tend to write here from a purist perspective – because it’s about preserving the history, and the changes that have occurred along the way. Featured here is the extreme rare ‘Milka edition’ of the Tamiya Volkswagen New Beetle on the front wheel driven FF01 Chassis, the Tamiya item number is 58217. tamiya america, inc. tamiya europe gmbh. Firstly, any company that remakes it’s own classic products for quick profit, may damage their brand’s prestige and “collectability” a little bit. When Tamiya began remaking lots of cars in the mid 2000s, the remake of the Frog was kit 58354 – the 354th R/C model ever released. I would also speculate that vintage R/C collectors are relative newbies to the notion of remakes. They may be attentive to feedback. Good for you Jeff. 5 out of 5 stars (3) 3 product ratings - Tamiya 58650 VW Beetle Rally 1/10th Kit w/ FAST CHARGE COMBO. Box-art paint job. Love the article. It cost $105 and the radio controller cost $110. A 2WD off road-style motor and gearbox are mounted up front, with enough room for steering components behind the axles. But it seems that any of the companies that are still operating today may decide to remake popular models from their past, if they feel there is a market for them. I’m in my mid-40s now and wanted my little ones (11 & 7) to have a similar childhood experience as I had when I was 13/14, so was looking to see if Tamiya even existed any longer. I understand, some things have changed, but the car itself feels and performs just as I remember it. Tamiya 58650 VW Beetle Rally 1/10th Kit w/ FAST CHARGE COMBO. The Monster Beetle is a favorite of countless RC veterans, myself included. I basically now have the contents of my totally destroyed Guide book on display to enjoy looking at every day. For me that’s annoying, they won’t stop till everything is out of range for most people just so they can boast of what they own. I have/had the same feelings as you described. We have selected this product as being #7 in Best Tamiya Rc Volkswagen Beetle of 2020 View Product #8 . For example, a Tamiya Hornet kit back in 1985 might have been about $150. monster beetle 2015 motorized toy car pdf manual download. Or eBay. In 1990, Tamiya produced the Monster Beetle Quick Drive, which is a smaller scale and uses a completely different design. Nevertheless, it’s fans like yourself who rediscover the fun with their own children, who truly keep the whole thing rolling for the future. I wonder if you could give me any tips on getting a fair price for it? Some local hobby stores (at least in Australia) have been stocking the reissued kits. Here’s one example – the original Grasshopper/Hornet chassis versus the remake version…. The Tamiya New Beetle with the FF01 chassis is already a rare find nowadays, but this special ‘Milka Edition’ makes it even more desirable, because only 10 cars in this Milka edition were made, ever! If you ever sell it, some buyers may not believe that the whole rest of the car is an original, unless they can see all the parts differences too. Any info would be good. Length: 397mm, width: 163mm. All this does is price out genuine collectors who truly enjoy and treasure what they own. Back then it seemed massive and just looked so right. I can remember many petitions online. And then 2015 rolls along, and the Monster Beetle, another iconic RC from the '80s, was rereleased by Tamiya. The Tamiya Volkswagen New Beetle was the last model build on the FF01 Chassis. I personally dislike the wheel radios as well, and every single kit model I build gets a standard, 2channel, AM radio like one of the ones I just mentioned. 5.0 out of 5 stars. R/C Toy Memories is a nostalgia blog run by a long-time collector. Because of this, Monster Beetle prices are consistently strong. Hi, I’ve actually got an original boxed unbuilt Rough Rider from the 80’s which I’ll be looking at selling soon. Thanks for writing. Clear photos, preferably on a white background. Please note: All written material and most photos on this website are the original content of this website - unless otherwise stated. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-8276168990999899"; Reliving the memories has been fun. Mainly because many had spent a lot of years (and dollars) hunting down and restoring the originals, only for remake versions to suddenly appear for sale in their thousands. 2. I can confirm that the cost of buying a new R/C car back in the 1980s was definitely higher than it is today. I wanted him to not only experience the pleasure of playing / driving the car, but to experience the build process. 3. Despite this, original kits remained a lot more expensive and collectible than remake kits. And it’s not just the decals – in some cases, physical aspects of the car changed, and even the entire name of the car was changed, hence these aspects needed to be reflected on the remake’s box art too. It is a classic Tamiya kit, which means beautifully illustrated instructions. TAMIYA 1/10 SCALE R/C 4WD HIGH PERFORMANCE RACING CAR PORSCHE TURBO RSR TYPE 934 BLACK EDITION (TA02SW CHASSIS) 47362. In other fields of toy collecting (e.g. Modern Tamiya releases and remakes are now made in the Philippines (not Japan), though many of Tamiyas products are still made in Japan. For me, I could never afford these great RC’s back in the 80s. I can’t believe how much I remembered in detail from 30 years ago on the build. Now I’m off to spend a fortune on reissues lol. Low and behold, they exist and are still making kit based, hobby grade RCs. That’s up to you to decide. Fact: Every single Tamiya remake has physical/parts differences, to the original. A friend of mine has a metallic edition wild willy 2 with mechanical speedy made in japan also. After a long absence, the classic 1980's R/C phenomenon returns as an updated "you build" kit ready to conquer and destroy anything in its path. This is often just part of the history and nostalgia of owning the model. It’s a great entry-level vehicle that is easy to build and fun to drive. If they ever end up on the shelf, it will be because I will be next to them Seeing this popularity and seeing the value of some of these collectibles, in the early 2000s Tamiya began to remake one or two vintage Tamiya kits, in order to cash-in on everyone’s nostalgia. So for them, it’s often important that an item is truly vintage – i.e. Second, they’re simply “the originals” and people always value original releases more, no matter what the item is (books, music, art etc). Feel free to look around, participate in the forums, or leave a comment beneath any article if you have a memory to share. The plastics modelling industry has been struggling a lot in recent years too (most kids these days have never built a model, and you’ve got to wonder where the industry will end up as all the older modelers pass on). Each time a remake comes out, prices of original examples of that car tend to dip a little. And no offense to you either, but I’m not complaining about anything I’ve actually never been happier with my collection. And third, they’re from the 1980s when R/C cars were still a new hobby and the level of interest was higher than it has ever been since. Thanks for your comments! I think even Acoms still sells a model called Techniplus. We both had paper delivery routes, so we had some income that allowed us to get into the hobby…we both picked The Hornet as our first car. ITEMS NEEDED • Two-channel radio system • 7.2 volt NiMH battery Thank you very much for your reply! I finally found the correct Radio Shack Wild Horse transmitter on …, I have been looking for an original Tamiya HotShot so as to compar …, A detailed guide to Vintage vs Remake Tamiya R/C kits, A quick guide to Vintage vs Remake Kyosho R/C kits, Thank you for the reply i was thrown off because of the rcc hot shot II marking but all clear now thanks. And further, if we ignore the quality debate for a moment – there will always be a certain appeal for collectors to own things that were made in their country of origin (e.g. The story of other brands is that most if not all are made in China. But many have also begun to seek out the true original kits and cars. Serious collectors don’t want reissue parts (and can always identify them). It’s nice to hear that the model is all original and with box – that is exactly the kind of thing collectors look for. google_ad_height = 250; They give me the chance to get that feeling of buying a Tamiya rc car from a hobby store. DESCRIPTION. Top Rated Seller. google_ad_width = 250; Do you know if the re-re door fits as I cant seem to find a vintage door anywhere. When it comes to R/C models, some collectors have noticed differences in quality between Japanese-made originals, and foreign-made remakes. Could only dream of a Hornet whilst driving my Jet Hopper. I have bought a vintage Tamiya Grasshopper in 2012. Even though it is the first time building any RC, I am impressed by the quality of the components Tamiya has provided. In 2005 this process gathered pace as Tamiya began to remake some of their most popular off-road buggies and trucks of all time, and the process has continued to this day. A really great article! It’s nice to hear you focused on an original Grasshopper. They have always made fantastic products, and the reissued kits are incredibly good value for what you get, imho. To date, Tamiya has issued remakes of dozens of their most popular models. All pilots have to go out and drive the heck out of their machine. But practically every single remake Tamiya comes with fake sponsor decals. But the highest prices in vintage R/C are lower than those in vintage video games though. R/C Toy Memories is a 100% free, independent and ad-free website. I haven’t used it in almost 30yrs, is there a market for such an item? 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