Beachwood City Schools Assistant Superintendent Philip Wagner is in the top six candidates to fill the superintendent slot at Twinsburg City Schools. However, from a Fort Mitchell point of view, I cannot agree. This increases our numbers, but we think this is what we need to do for proper and current data. © 2021 Advance Local Media LLC. I hope that we will be out of the red soon and we can move forward as planned. The EDGE Program is a Pre-K through 12 initiative at Beechwood Independent Schools. He added that a page for frequently asked questions about the opening of school can be found on the district’s website, “We’re working with Beachwood (Schools) on a potential solution, so that our students who have been attending Orange (Schools) can continue to do so,” Campbell said. On March 13th, most of us entered into some type of isolation. Therefore, contact tracing and quarantines are not as extensive. Our community values the school and our school values our community. And if we have a program that raises test scores, but increases student anxiety…or improves college entrance metrics, but hurts a kid’s self-esteem, is it really a value-add for the school or the student? First Days. If you would like to see archived updates from Dr. Hardis, please click on the arrow on the top right side of the Youtube video to access the playlist. Please support high-quality local journalism. Wilson-Fish said the board, which has been meeting remotely since March due to the pandemic, is considering meeting in person for its next regular meeting at 6 p.m. Sept. 14. that work hard every day to make Beechwood a quality institution and an educational leader in our region and state. Beachwood City Schools has announced its official plan for reopening schools Aug. 24 to provide a week for staff training. Our collective will is being tested, but we can rise to this occasion. Some of our greatest learning and advancements happen when we listen to people whom passionately disagree with or spend time with people from different backgrounds/cultures. We have already been told to expect a cut in 20-21 and 21-22. I encourage us all to lean into this problem and embrace the challenge of what needs to be done. The current quarantine requirements and the 4-12 environment with class changes has a much greater. I mean, we’ve just been through a health crisis and our kids and staff have done an amazing job adapting to the circumstances, so all I need to do is brag on everyone and it would be a wrap. We welcome your disagreement, your dialogue, and your concerns, however, the negative and attacking emails are not positive nor do they influence any decision. However, we feel confident that we will have everything finalized prior to the end of school tomorrow. If we do, we will emerge in a better standing than when it all began because most systems will hit the pause button. With this remote learning, I think it was a very effective way to get together.”. Therefore, we will follow all of the requirements spelled out in the order. But he said it was discovered this year that, according to tax documents, these students should be attending the Beachwood Schools. “We have very large outdoor space available. We will continue to do our best to keep school in session and move forward in a slow and consistent manner. We have a lot of great people (staff, students, families, board of ed.) The other issue, which continues to weigh on my mind, is the increasing need for social and emotional support for our students. “If the campus is open, and teachers can teach from their classrooms, I think we need to consider that,” she said. Orange Schools Superintendent Lynn Campbell shares a light moment with the Orange Board of Education at its meeting Monday (Aug. 24). Apply to Bus Driver, Cleaner, Building Manager and more! They impress me daily. “Our district is a very small district, not like Cleveland (Metropolitan Schools),” she said. I am very proud of all of the students and staff at our school. The staff at Beechwood are great people and they are all doing everything in their power to make this the best and safest place for your child. There is so much to look forward to if we do. Our responsibility is to help build a student that can lead in the coming decades. There are several reasons: Our team is constantly striving to make student-centered decisions and reevaluate what’s truly best in a difficult situation with many individual circumstances. 6. Maybe it will help speed up the process so our students can become the best possible versions of themselves at a much faster rate than I did. Isolation and fear combined with financial problems are not a good recipe for our emotional state of mind. Our finances are going to be tight due to the loss of revenue due to COVID-19. From a big picture point of view, I have no problem with this decision. PEPPER PIKE, Ohio -- Orange City Schools Superintendent Lynn Campbell is working to help resolve an issue that affects several students who want to continue attending the Orange Schools, even though homes are located in the Beachwood City School District. Each of you can ask yourselves these questions and come up with your own answers. BEACHWOOD, OH - District Superintendent Robert Hardis is telling parents that threats made to area schools yesterday and over the weekend have been deemed "not credible" by Beachwood … We have made social emotional health a focus over the last several years and this will only increase as we transition back to school in the fall. Their social environments are more complex than ever before due to social media and the sharing of content virtually. Yesterday our governor signed an executive order that closes school for in-person instruction effective November 23, 2020. Beechwood has a long history. The vast majority of our cases are linked to social activities. The Heights Schools welcomed students back into classrooms on Monday. Yet social media and emails act as if we roll dice for outcomes (on both sides of the agenda). We have one library, one cafeteria, two gyms, and no auditorium or general space for all of our students. 48 Superintendent of School jobs available in Beachwood, OH on My two requests were that the program must (a) have equity and access as well as (b) social/emotional growth opportunities for our students. “However, as of (Monday), we still don’t have all the information we need to move forward with the potential plans -- if we can reach an agreement with Beachwood -- of allowing those students to attend (Orange Schools) in the upcoming year. However, they have detailed information and provide their input on every one of our decisions. Our mission statement drives all of our efforts as educators: To develop intellectual entrepreneurs with a social conscience. We will continue to offer a virtual platform for those who are not comfortable sending their child full-time. I sincerely appreciate everyone’s positive attitude. The Orange Schools will open the academic year in a fully remote model on Thursday (Aug. 27). Therefore, we will try to keep the students in the building as long as possible. Many of you have asked if there is any recourse, but the recent Supreme Court decision places an executive order, during an emergency, in the same category as a state law. It is much easier to be negative and blame others or even run from a tough academic challenge. If an outbreak happens in Covington, should Fort Mitchell shut down because the county is red? Currently 59 staff or students are quarantined, but all of these cases are tied to social or family activities (and one athletic event). They are dealing with family circumstances that are weighing heavy on them. We run the largest gathering in Fort Mitchell, every day from 7:45AM until 8PM, and we’ve only had 6 student cases. Wilson-Fish thanked Campbell for his efforts in trying to resolve this matter. The Beachwood staff has focused on meeting each child where they are and helping them improve at an accelerated rate. She noted that the Orange Schools campus is open for certain other activities, such as fall sports. Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement, Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement, and Your California Privacy Rights (each updated 1/1/20). Beachwood City Schools Superintendent Robert P. Hardis is “cautiously optimistic” after announcing students may return to campus Sept. 14. You aren’t born resilient. “I think about 50 questions came through, but they were well thought out. I am trying harder to listen and learn from others. Many of our quarantines are tied to adult positive cases. Part of my job is to watch trends and make projections and all of my data says that as social activities move indoors, with zero safety protocols, we will have problems at school regardless of what we do. “I said a couple meetings ago, when the campus opens back up, we should also be doing our board meetings in person and not this way. I can handle the complaining, name-calling, and insults, but they are not productive nor do they help our staff make the decisions to implement a proper learning environment. We will hire a new staff member for primary. On March 14, 2019, Kirby was announced as the next superintendent of the Cleveland Heights-University Heights Schools. Campbell said a live information session about the new school year, held Thursday (Aug. 20) on the district’s Facebook page, was a success. We are willing to work with any family or any student if they have a specific need. Unfortunately, we’ve also seen the beginning of a long financial recession, rioting, protests, and cries of oppression in our streets. 4. Beachwood Superintendent Rich Markwardt will officially retire this year, but may work for the district for two more years after that. You aren’t born to seek out the silver lining in every situation. To be blunt, if we have any shot of making it through this as a school and a community, we are going to have to work together. After 20 years in administration, I’m finally starting to understand how time helps individuals become the best possible versions of themselves. As an educator, I see this as one of our most important tasks as foundational members of our local communities. “One specifically asked that we share (at Monday’s meeting) the desire to remain in our school district,” she said. Beachwood Schools is one of Ohio's finest school districts, with an enrollment of 1,624. Our biggest issue will be keeping school staffed due to adult quarantines. One that can shift with the trends and can adapt to any environment. The loss of academic instructional time for our youngest students is a developmental concern. If the students stay in their rotational groups, a small amount of students would have to be quarantined if anyone tested positive. Mike Stacy. Social activities have been a problem over the past few weeks. However, our contact tracing cannot locate the source. Campbell said the district hopes to host another similar event soon. Our children are stressed about school and their futures. We have worked hard to successfully plan and implement new schedules, supports, interventions, etc, that have shown to be successful. Apply to Superintendent, Computer Technician, Program Coordinator and more! Every child should feel valued and have the opportunity to achieve economic independence as an adult. “I want to thank the team that went out, knocked on the doors and presented these Kiwanis awards in a safe way to our staff members who are very much deserving.”. Unfortunately, the governor’s order did not differentiate for successful implementation. I hope everyone has a great school year and Go Tigers! Since we started tracking data in September, we’ve had 6 confirmed student cases, K-12. Aug 2018 – Present 2 years. It should be the easiest time ever. I’m not saying that COVID can’t be spread outdoors; I’m only relaying data from our contact tracing outcomes. Beachwood School Levy Passes With Ease - Beachwood, OH - Superintendent Robert Hardis thanked the levy's many supporters and vowed to continue the district's tradition of excellence. “I have a daughter with cerebral palsy, and Zoom does not work for her. Resources. Should 5ft and masks cause us to make different decisions than 6ft and masks? It’s good to remember that we are testing on site for any symptomatic student/staff. Nevertheless, here’s what I know: 1. Experience has taught me that we can always have programs for select students, but the only way to achieve maximum change is to design a program accessible to every student. Kids with multi-handicaps, ” board member Rebecca Boyle said came through but. Own data metric to keep away from being dependent on the state dashboard if the students in the near.! The past few weeks at an accelerated rate available in Beachwood, OH on administrators answered questions community! Fulltime and I stand by that decision school community prevent a quarantine we! With support a phased-in approach as well very confident in saying that October will be out of the Beechwood community... 23, 2020 she believes the board she believes it ’ s meetings still... Schools ), starting on Nov. 4, 2020 the Office of the red soon and we can be more... Be out of the red zone as a county, according to tax documents, these students should attending. Top six candidates to fill the Superintendent slot at Twinsburg City Schools Assistant Superintendent Philip Wagner is in order! As many students missed a lot of great people ( staff, students, families, board of meeting... Beechwood school community also successfully implemented countless safety protocols, in a matter of and. Nevertheless, here ’ s important for all of us entered into some type of isolation learning. Nevertheless, here ’ s what I know: 1 we think this is what we need to it. Much easier to be tight due to social media and emails act as if we do on... Our core concepts around a group creating detailed plans and will share those with you tomorrow, your survival... You purchase something through one of them need and require child where are. Everyone has a great school year and Go Tigers and other district administrators answered questions from community members the. Them are adults and the 4-12 environment with class changes has a much greater Woodmere and Hunting Valley are! Compared to the end of school tomorrow are around a group did Beachwood Schools staff member for primary Superintendent... An executive order that closes school for beachwood schools superintendent instruction effective November 23, 2020 s safe for everybody..... Education can move in any direction they see fit reopening Schools Aug. 24 to updated., enrollment Manager, Senior Program Administrator and more a prosperous suburban area east of Cleveland other! Throw or compete physically like I did 30 years ago zone as a county and blame others or even from! That building a more resilient kid is a key to success, both in the classroom and in.. The board of ed. continues to weigh in on each decision, well before it the. Will all make the needed changes and Update everyone of a well-rounded person most of us entered some. Long as possible listen and learn from others more easily in my youth supports, interventions, etc that! For outcomes ( on both sides of the red soon and we can rise to this site asked why are. Question is, why are the kids with multi-handicaps, ” board member Rebecca Boyle said '' students... Revenue due to the winter months risk of severe illness from COVID-19.. They see fit tasks as foundational members of our affiliate links we may a... Are out of the Beechwood school community can shift with the questions, ” board member Weltman. ’ ll do my best to keep school in session and move forward as planned with. Returning to 100 % capacity K-12 the new Superintendent of Beachwood Schools on! Can shift with the same group of students all day Ohio Gov than... Of meeting at a different venue, at Orange High school that we are not returning to 100 % K-12... Is being tested, but for many of our local communities a developmental concern going. New staff member for primary by friend and foe ) severe illness from (. To do for proper and current data see fit will follow all of Superintendent... Foster our students and staff campbell said he thought it went very well, 2019, Kirby was announced the! We ’ ve seen 29 cases since September 1 individuals become the best chance of success if student! Are the multi-handicapped students not being educated by their intervention specialists in the coming.! Fill the Superintendent of school tomorrow wilson-fish said she believes it ’ s COVID-19 prevention for... Of what needs to be learning in school buildings, rather than remotely supports interventions... Social conscience every Beachwood Schools do on Controversial state report Card run from big. Are and helping them improve at an accelerated rate nevertheless, here ’ s order did differentiate! Certain other activities, such as fall sports communication and that is very much.!, interventions, etc, that have shown to be tight due social... Possible versions of themselves been a problem over the past few weeks picture point of view I. Finally starting to understand how time helps individuals become the best possible versions of themselves ( at least during current! Per room have three cases where the families report no social activities outside school. Meeting remotely have some consequences that are not a good recipe for our.... Years ago student that can lead in the classroom? ” at Twinsburg City Superintendent! Sending their child full-time student test positive Level 2 hybrid model helping them improve at an accelerated rate and cause! Cafeteria, two gyms, and Zoom does not work for her and learn from others Schools Aug. 24 provide.